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CABARETE CLASSIC - The Best Windsurfing in the Caribbean

Pablito Guzman’s Cabarete Classic - July 14-July 18 2010

Event Overview

The 2010 Cabarete Classic will take place on Cabarete Beach in front of Vela Resorts in the center of town.
The Cabarete Classic is a four-day long event offering racing and freestyle categories for competitors of all ages and abilities.


A unique long-distance event will also team up with the Cabarete Classic this year. This one-day event from Cabarete to Puerto Plata is geared strictly towards top racers from around the world. While primarily a windsurfing event, top kite surfers are also invited to participate.

While the Cabarete Classic is primarily a windsurfing competition, event festivities will not end at sundown – each night programming will continue with special dinners, concerts, and other gatherings for racers, fans, and their families, as well as for members of the press. For more information about the event, please check out the official event website here (

Press Releases:

No.1 Windsurfing Event in the Dominican Republic
Nota de Prensa 2009 (Spanish Version)

A Brief History:

The Cabarete Classic was first held in 2006 with the goal of keeping the spirit of windsurfing alive in Cabarete and to introduce a new generation of windsurfers to fellow competitors from around the world. Over the past three years, through reuniting friends and attracting both international and local upcoming and top windsurfers, the Cabarete Classic has attracted over 70 competitors, half of which come from outside the country.

Who is Pablito Guzman?

Pablito GuzmanPablito Guzman is the force behind the Cabarete Classic, founding the event and bringing it to life. He is a Cabarete native and has competed in contests all over the world for the past twenty years. He has several national titles to his credit and his windsurfing talents have been showcased in several magazine and newspaper articles. Pablito is dedicated to improving the community through helping disadvantaged children to be able to learn and participate in the great sport of windsurfing. Under his direction Pablito Guzman’s Watersports Team was formed last year to offer local students the opportunity to build self-confidence and learn a new sport that is an integral part of the local economy.

Who is eligible to compete?

The event is open to racers of any age, gender, and nationality. There are no qualification prerequisites. If you love to windsurf, we'd love to have you. To register, please see our online registration form.

Competition categories:

We will offer 13 different categories of competition:

Event Program